Cyber Researcher

  • Israel


We at Pcysys are revolutionizing the Penetration Testing field by automating the hacker and mimicking his mind while creating never-before-seen automated attacks on the target networks.
Our mission is to anticipate the various attacks seen in the world every day while staying one step ahead of malicious hackers.

We are looking for curious and eager researchers to join our special, young and uniquely strong team and find the next 0-day.

Roles & Responsibilities

You will oversee researching new attack vectors and finding the needle in the haystack of the unexplored fields of cybersecurity.
You will conduct cutting-edge offensive high and low-level research and integrate newly discovered vectors into an existing infrastructure of attack automation.


Required Skills

  • Assembly x86/x64/ARM skills – a must
  • Proven experience in reverse engineering
  • In-depth knowledge of operating systems internals (Windows\Linux\OS X)
  • 2 years of proven experience with a research team or research projects
  • Experience with the C/C++ programming languages
  • Experience with kernel development and vulnerability research
  • in Computer Science/Electrical Eng.
  • degree in Eng. (an advantage)
  • Experience with malware research (an advantage)
  • CCNA/CCNP (an advantage)

Preferred Skills

  • Deep understanding of virtualization security concepts.
  • Understanding hypervisors internals.
  • Familiar with web security concepts.
  • Familiar with containers and Docker security.
  • Practical penetration testing experience.
  • Deep understanding of network security concepts.

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