Scale Your Penetration
Testing (PT) Services

Offer lucrative PT services over PenTera SP™

PenTera™, the award-winning automated penetration testing platform, is available for qualified and sizeable service providers, consultants and MSSPs to provide penetration testing services to thousands of their clients. 

 While the need for expert and consulting-services remains instrumental for some areas of the penetration testing scope, a great deal of the work can be better performed by innovative software algorithms in a continuous manner as required today in a dynamic IT environment. This paradigm shift is gaining tremendous momentum, especially in the area of network and infrastructure penetration testing. 

 With PenTera SP™ you will be able to provide your customers with a more competitive, continuous and profitable network penetration testing service.

How it works

This business model allows you to buy a stack of Pen-Test Credits and use them for individual penetration test runs for different
customers. In other words, you buy a number of pentest runs and offer them as single instances for your different clients.

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